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About us

HelpUp is an Israeli non-profit humanitarian organization operating in Isarel and Africa.
We encourage volunteering as a way to a better society.
We are all volunteers (except for our CEO)

Volunteering strengthens the bond between civilians & their community, where the volunteer meets populations that under any other circumstances would never have the opportunity to meet. Volunteering teaches, through hands-on experience, that we can create a dialogue with all kinds of people to connect and collaborate in order to achieve a common goal.

From internal research that we conducted, we saw that volunteering empowers and strengthens the feeling of personal capability, increases self-worth and even serves as a genuine healing tool as well.
We believe in long-term process and full cooperation with the local community.

Since 2016 we have been sending out volunteer missions to both Africa & Israel, we have an extensive network of volunteers operating in diverse areas nationwide.

Tal Adar , CEO

Holds a Bachelor degree of Social Work, specializing in trauma, stress and emergency assistance, and a Master of Business Administration.

Served over a decade as an instructing commander in the IDF and Ministry of Defense.
After her discharge from the army, at the rank of captain, she served as a diplomatic delegate to India on behalf of the Ministry of Defense.

During her position in India Tal was exposed to an extensive understanding of the poor conditions and distress that exist in developing countries.
Since then, Tal has worked tirelessly to diminish gaps in Israeli society and help unique and diverse populations in Israel & Africa.

Treats by the Buddhist psychology approach.
Trains approximately 500 volunteers annually in different fields.
Married to Maya and mother to Rani.

Itay Matityahu

38 years old, an accountant by profession, serves as the Deputy Mayor of Rishon LeZion. Currently devotes his time to giving back to the community and is socially active in a variety of public positions in the city: Head of Youth & Young Adults, is the main contact for the reception of Ethiopian immigrants, is the Chairman of Affordable Housing and is the Director and Chairman of HR & Finance Committee at the city’s Economic Company.

Itay is married to Or, and the father of Daniel and Yuli, serves as a captain (Reserves) in the Magshimim unit. In the past, served as the Deputy, Chairman and Executive Director of the Students’ Union at the College of Management, and as the spokesman of the Taub Center for Research of Social Policy in Israel.

Itay established HelpUp In 2016 after reading the results of a survey on OECD countries, showing that the percentage of volunteers from Israel was relatively low compared to other countries in the world.
Since then, the organization has developed, grown and expanded its activities in Israel and Africa.

Tamar Shmueli

Coach, mentor and group facilitator, with 25 years of experience in the academic sector with a variety of management roles, the highest being Assistant Director of Marketing.
Tamar participated in 5 volunteer missions in Ghana, Tanzania & Uganda, two of which she led, and is also an active volunteer with helpUp activities in Israel.
In addition, volunteers at a variety of nonprofit organizations including “Ment-Or” and “Habayit shel Benji” for lone combat soldiers.

Matityahu Samimi-Golan

Entrepreneur and businessman, Chairman of Qwater Solutions that specializes in the development of systems and solutions for people in emergency crisis in the fields of water & food, and also is involved with startup companies developing water technology innovations.

In addition, is socially active at a number of nonprofit organizations, and is a board member of the Association for Citizen Empowerment.
Serves as a colonel (Reserves) after serving for 25 years in the Israeli Air Force, with his last position being the Commander of the School of Air Defense.

Erez Bar Haim

33 years old, married with two children, lives’ in Lod and is the Director of the department of Youth and Young Adults in the municipality. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Publications, & Marketing Communications and is currently completing a Master of Public Policy. 

In the past, served as a consultant for a Member of the Knesset and as a Strategic Marketing consultant for a variety of large companies.

Ofra Perry

54 years old, married to Ronen and mother of 3, Attorney by profession.

Combines work in the fields of Family and Labor law.

In addition, Ofra dedicates her time to social activities for the community in order to help disadvantaged populations. In this framework, Ofra concentrates on making economic & social rights accessible and assisting in the exercise of rights for those who need it and for the elderly.

Please welcome our headquarters volunteers, all year round, 24/7.
They started as volunteers in our various missions and since then simply refuse to leave (:
apart from their role at headquarters, they also lead missions and help with whatever is needed:

Osher Cohen, Leadr of Tech

Osher Cohen, 28
Volunteers at HelpUp since 2017.

Why am I at HelpUp?
“I believe that communal work is contagious. Through our various missions we enable the growth of a better society. I believe that by forming heterogeneous groups of people who strive to do good, collaborations & incredible actions will be created.”

Sapir Laskar, Leader of Operations Africa

Sapir Laskar, 34
Volunteers at HelpUp since 2017.

Why am I at HelpUp?
“For me, HelpUp is home. People at HelpUp are my friends & family. The main idea is that I am part of an organization whose impact is so wide, that it is fulfilling knowing that I have a part of it. The work of helpUp touches so many people and that is the meaning of life in my eyes. Go volunteer and give of yourself (even small is big).”

Shani Schleifshtein, Leader of operations Israel

Shani Schleifshtein, 25.
Volunteers at HelpUp since 2021.

Why am I at HelpUp?
“HelpUp provides a home and a professional surrounding for the promotion of social projects that have a significant impact in areas that concern me on a personal level. I am in HelpUp because it is important to me to be able to integrate my social activities where necessary – in Israel and overseas.”


Tally Levin, Leader of the Big 5

Tally Levin, 58
Volunteers at HelpUp since 2022.

Why am I at HelpUp?
“Besides the huge desire to give back to the community and my love for Africa, I think that volunteering and continuous activities contribute to me personally as well. My heart grows full, I meet great people and I’m proud of the change we bring to the world.”

Our professionals, heads of the fields who accompany us 365 days a year, volunteer wholeheartedly, advise us and guide our helpers:

Dr. Lee Yaari, Volunteer, head of medical missions

Orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports injuries, 44.
Volunteers at HelpUp since 2021.

Why am I at HelpUp?
“A dream come true – combining my medical world with the desire to share knowledge, help and collaborate with doctors and patients from developing countries.”

Milana Mazal Mazor, Volunteer, head of medical field.

Volunteers at HelpUp since 2022.

Why am I at HelpUp?
“It’s an encompassing organization, with amazing people. Volunteering is the opportunity to contribute of yourself, your time and your abilities for the sake of others and our society, with the aim of promoting and improving the existing conditions.”

Dr. Orit Stolar, Volunteer, advisor to medical missions

Pediatric neurology & child development specialist, 56.
Volunteers at HelpUp since 2021.

Why am I at HelpUp?
“For me, HelpUp is a social humanitarian professional platform with a huge soul, which allows me to be part of a meaningful and valuable accomplishment.
HelpUp places values at its feet that I identify with. Leading and carrying out at HelpUp always take into account the needs of the volunteers, their personal and medical security and the target audience they are traveling to. This balance is important to me on a personal level and no less important – along the way I met great people.”

Sharon Lewin Cooks, Volunteer, head of nutrition field

Clinical Dietitian, 50
Volunteers at HelpUp since 2021.

Why am I at HelpUp?
“We are a global village, connected to each other much greater than meets the eye. Giving a hand to those in need is a great privilege. Just the fact that you traveled to a far corner of the world, and looked at a child, who comes from a different background, at eye level, gives hope and opens a chain of goodwill – that will eventually come back to us.”

Iris Cohen, Volunteer, head of formal and informal education

Retired from the Ministry of Education, 63.
Volunteers at HelpUp since 2021.

Why am I at HelpUp?
“Because this organization is constantly thinking, learning, developing & researching. HelpUp adapts itself to needs in Israel & Africa. It’s an opportunity to meet good people from the entire Israeli circle and above all, as the cliché goes (and it’s not a cliché): the one who gives, receives much more…”

Oshrat Goren, Volunteer, head of renovations

Owner of a DIY workshop, 51.
Volunteers at HelpUp since 2023.

Why am I at HelpUp?
“I believe that humans are meant to be a supportive community, on its various levels, and that our social accountability is extensive and global.”