Our missions and activities in Israel

How do we better reality? How do we achieve a respectable dialog in society? How do we become a community rather than an individual? How do we reach harmony?

For Us, the answer is clear: By volunteering!!

In HelpUp Israel we strive to make volunteering accessible for everyone!!!

When volunteering you can discover your true power, meet amazing people, understand how much satisfaction and joy you get from having a common pursuit of a goal and from seeing at the end of the day the goals you have achieved, that you have made a reality. Like many of our volunteers (we call them Helpers) you will find out it is addictive!
In Israel we have two main projects:

1. Unique delegations of volunteers to boarding schools for youth that made aliya.
2. We connect volunteers to diverse volunteering places. 

You can join an aid mission heading to Naaleh boarding schools for youth that made aliya before their parents. The kids studying here receive an Israel ID at graduation, they join the army, and the hope is that their parents make aliya following them.
Our aid missions will stay at the boarding schools in order to improve the study environment, add the necessary essentials to help make the students time at the school, which now is their home, more pleasant. In addition, we will provide informal education classes, association games and ODT. We will welcome the Sabbath together and provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the various shades of the beautiful Israeli society.

Another project of ours is connecting volunteers and places seeking volunteers.
We know that sometimes our day-to-day routine and tasks make it difficult for us to execute our will to volunteer. We know that volunteers are the basis for many organizations & associations’ ability to perform and that without them many of the beautiful projects would not have been possible.

Our Connections

Educational activities for children and youth at risk

Volunteering with mentally disordered people

Renovating houses for lone soldiers

Renovating shelters for the homeless

Ultimate days for those dealing with special needs, refugee and immigrant children

Volunteering in clothing centers for the benefit of women at risk

Renovating centers for women at risk

Educational activities for Olim

Cooking and packing food for holocaust survivors, lonely elderly people and the homeless

Volunteering with patients and recovering

Activities with seniors

Preparing and distributing food baskets for low-income families.

More about the Israel missions

Participating in a mission is conditioned on pre-registration and passing a fit interview.
If you have been accepted, you will join the preliminary training process.

You will undergo a preparation process for volunteering, alongside bonding and getting acquainted with your group of volunteers.

Our volunteers 

the delegation includes 20 volunteers, men & women, at the ages 18 to 70.

The delegation will arrive at the boarding school and will volunteer with the students in the tasks of education, renovation and of course quality time spent with them while creating special bonding with the kids and themselves.

Costs and
boarding conditions 

250 ILS which include: Boarding, 3 meals a day, insurance, equipment, an accompanying team from the organization throughout the volunteering period and preparation process in Israel, shirts and a delegation hat, a training period in Israel.

Accommodation: the rooms at the boarding school are of a basic level, the volunteers will share a room. Each room has a basic shower.

Any more questions? 

If you do have any questions or want any additional information, please click on the “Contact Us” tab.