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HelpUp is an Israeli nonprofit organization, established in 2016. We operate in Israel and Africa. We believe that volunteering changes reality and leads to a better society

At HelpUp we provide humanitarian aid to marginalized populations in Israel and Africa and create an impact in the fields of medicine, water, education, food security and infrastructure

volunteer missions in Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia & Ghana
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volunteers participated in our volunteer programs
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We believe in volunteering as a tool for social change and personal empowerment. We aspire to improve social dialect and to create a society whose citizens share community accountability joint responsibility and mutual guarantee

Volunteering changes reality

79% of our volunteers

Indicate an increase in self-esteem and a great sense of capability

80% of our volunteers

Intend to continue volunteering in Israel

School headmasters in Africa

Indicate improvement in school attendance and increase in grades


Our humanitarian aid missions focus on community life development in the areas of water, nutrition, medicine, education & infrastructure improvement.
These five topics are included in the list of topics set by the UN as goals to be achieved in developing countries (SDG’s).
We have diverse missions in which anyone can find the one that fits them the most. these are general missions (Mosaic); Medical missions to hospitals, educational missions focusing on school staff, nutrition missions and missions integrating  volunteers dealing with mental health issues.

During the past few years, we have established full collaboration with local authority institutions and organizations.
Our goal is to collaborate with local communities, while fully understanding their needs and respecting local tradition. Our work is done according to a unique model of community work, and its purpose is to provide tools that will enable long-term independence.

Our volunteers receive professional training in Israel that prepares them for their mission in Africa.
They discover the power of giving, they make new friends (and learn alot about themselves…). They come back and continue volunteering, initiating & leading to a better society.

In fact, our journey starts in Israel, peaks in Africa and actually never ends. 


At helpUp Israel we aim to make the field of volunteering accessible to all Israeli society.
We send out unique volunteer missions to Naale boarding schools  (youth making Aliya before parents), we connect thousands of volunteers to varied volunteer places and support various volunteer initiatives.

Each delegation to Africa starts its journey by volunteering in Israel. When returning back from Africa the volunteers become part of HelpUp’s community in Israel.

During the “Iron Swords” war we have increased our activities in Israel:
We have purchased combat and medical equipment for our soldiers, we have supported a project that provided tens of thousands of hot meals, we have recruited volunteers for loan soldiers and connected volunteers with farmers throughout the country.


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